An Inflation Protection Strategy

The BOLD Report

The BOLD Index invests in Bitcoin and Gold. It combines the world’s two most liquid alternative assets on a risk-adjusted basis. Due to their natural low correlation, BOLD enhances gold’s returns, while calming bitcoin’s volatility. BOLD is a powerful strategy, delivering enhanced returns, for reduced risk, and is attractive to investors seeking to capitalize on monetary inflation.

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“The BOLD Report helps investors better understand how bitcoin, gold and BOLD interact in financial markets. Starting with capital flows, we will keep on searching for the answers”

Charlie Morris
Charlie Morris, CEO ByteTree

How BOLD Works

The BOLD report provides research and analysis which demonstrates the power of combining Bitcoin with Gold. With limited or fixed supply, both Bitcoin and Gold are heavily Influenced by demand factor, and with a vibrant ETF industry covering both assets, the BOLD Report provides daily data.

The BOLD Index is rebalanced at the end of each month according to gold and bitcoin’s historical 360-day inverse volatility, with the larger exposure in the less volatile asset.

The BOLD rebalancing process has advantages over holding Bitcoin and Gold independently:

  • Maintains an equal level of risk in each asset
  • Rebalancing transactions sell the stronger asset and add to the weaker asset. Over time this buy low, sell high approach has led to excess returns of 5% to 7% per year over and above buy and hold.
  • Holding Bitcoin and Gold can be stressful. Yet as these assets have natural low correlation, and BOLD leads to a much calmer outcome with volatility only marginally higher than gold.

About the BOLD Index

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