Total Gold held by ETFs

Name oz Held AUM
1nvest Gold ETF (Johannesburg) 322 $787.8K
Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold Shares ETF 1.337M $3.272B
Aditya Birla Sun Life Gold ETF (India) 172 $421.6K
Albilad Gold ETF (Saudi Arabia) 3.88K $9.495M
Amundi Physical Gold 2.003M $4.902B
AXIS GOLD ETF (India) 21.33K $52.19M
BetaShares Gold Bullion ETF 163.9K $400.9M
BMO Gold Bullion Hedged to CAD ETF Class CAD INC (Canada) 825 $2.018M
BOC Shanghai Gold ETF 3.47K $8.49M
Bosera Gold ETF 667.6K $1.633B
CCB Principal Shanghai Gold ETF 6.106K $14.94M
China Southern Shanghai Gold ETF 6.409K $15.68M
ChinaAMC Gold ETF 24.14K $59.05M
DSP Gold ETF Class ETF (India) 23.26K $56.91M
ETFS Physical Gold 869.4K $2.127B
FinEx Gold ETF (Euronext Amsterdam) 79.9K $195.5M
First Seafront Gold ETF 6.661K $16.3M
Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF (U.S.) 28.84K $70.58M
Fullgoal Shanghai Gold ETF 25.41K $62.17M
GF Shanghai Gold ETF 13.49K $33.01M
Global X Gold Bullion ETF (Australia) 400 $978.3K
Global X Gold ETF (Canada) 11.15K $27.27M
Goldman Sachs Physical Gold ETF 299.6K $733.2M
Graniteshares Gold Trust 333.3K $815.5M
Guotai Gold ETF 212.4K $519.8M
Hang Seng RMB Gold ETF Class RMB CNY ACC (Hong Kong) 2.77K $6.778M
Harvest Shanghai Gold ETF 4.187K $10.24M
Huaan Yifu Gold ETF 1.308M $3.2B
ICICI Prudential Gold ETF Fund (India) 128.6K $314.8M
Invesco Physical Gold ETC ETCS 6.662M $16.3B
iShares Gold Bullion 238.9K $584.5M
iShares Gold CH 255.4K $625M
iShares Gold CHF Hedged CH 175.6K $429.6M
iShares Gold EUR Hedged CH 89.38K $218.7M
iShares Gold Trust 12M $29.36B
iShares Physical Gold ETF (Australia) 45.76K $112M
iShares Physical Gold 6.706M $16.41B
Japan Physical Gold ETF 1.16M $2.837B
KIM ACE KRX Physical Gold ETF (South Korea) 80.66K $197.3M
Kotak Gold ETF (India) 9.688K $23.7M
KTAM Gold ETF Tracker Class GLD (Bangkok) 4.852K $11.87M
LIC MF Gold ETF (India) 6.616K $16.19M
Mirae Asset Gold ETF Class ETF (India) 12.17K $29.77M
NewGold Issuer Ltd 4.758K $11.64M
NEXT FUNDS Gold Price Exchange Traded Fund (Japan) 37.99K $92.96M
Raiffeisen ETF - Solid Gold Ounces Class A CHF (Switzerland) 96.92K $237.1M
Royal Canadian Mint - Canadian Gold Reserves 177K $433M
SBI-ETF Gold Class INR INC (India) 1.145K $2.802M
SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust 3.177M $7.772B
SPDR Gold Shares 26.52M $64.9B
Sprott Physical Gold Trust 3.106M $7.6B
Tianhong Shanghai Gold ETF 6.804K $16.65M
Trend ETF LBMA Ouro Fundo de Investimento em Indice IE (Brazil) 40.24K $98.45M
UBS CH Fund Solutions - Carbon Compensated Gold ETF Class USD A-ACC (Switzerland) 11.29K $27.63M
UBS CH-Gold 1.074M $2.628B
UBS CH-Gold CHF hedged 628.6K $1.538B
UBS CH-Gold EUR hedged 232.9K $569.8M
UTI-Gold Exchange Traded Fund (Natl SE of India) 58.09K $142.1M
VanEck Gold Bullion ETF Class AUD ACC (Australia) 17.23K $42.16M
WisdomTree Gold 28.74K $70.32M
WisdomTree Physical Gold GBP 5.987K $14.65M
WisdomTree Physical Gold 2.029M $4.965B
WisdomTree Physical Swiss Gold 1.148M $2.809B
Xetra-Gold (EUR) 5.701M $13.95B
Xtrackers IE Physical Gold EUR 285.6K $698.8M
Xtrackers IE Physical Gold GBP 1.033K $2.529M
Xtrackers IE Physical Gold 1.525M $3.731B
Xtrackers Physical Gold EU 1.078M $2.637B
Xtrackers Physical Gold EUR He 580.2K $1.42B
Xtrackers Physical Gold GBP He 140 $342K
Xtrackers Physical Gold 176.6K $432.1M
ZKB Gold ETF 2.113M $5.169B